It was a while since I have posted updates on the guitar build. It is summer time and I am busy with other things, so, guitar build is slow. But I had an hour today to try making back plate (the bigger one).

I have got some really nice 1/4 inch thick walnut offcuts at Rockler. After some matching, this is what I have picked for the bigger cavity (the ones I have cut last time will be used for something else). It has a really nice figure and will look gorgeous when finished.

I have rough cut it with a coping saw and while fitting it I have decided to add maple strip for a contrast. Dry fit.

I think it is a really nice combination. So, glue time.

And this is rough cut plate. Take a look!

The plate is secured with screws. Here are chrome ones, but I think I will use back ones.

Next time, I will cut a smaller plate for the switch cover and shape both covers on edges. I am really glad I did it that way – looks more interesting than just a plain plastic cover.