After two weeks of doing anything but guitar, I had big plans for this weekend. I though that I will finish frets, fix issues, shape body and route pickup cavities. Needless to say that I have underestimated those tasks.

But I think it is still impressive progress. Initial fretwork, body binding, body shaping…

When making a neck binding, it is guaranteed that you will have some extra glue (CA glue I use is very thin) in the fret slots. Fortunately, there is a tool to clean those. Look at this min saw. Took an hour to clean all slots though.

Since I have a neck binding, the frets tung needs to be cut at the ends. There is a tool for that job, but it is pretty expensive. So, I was cutting that with my Dremel. Never, never buy a Dremel which is battery powered. That battery dies quickly (in 5 frets) and takes an hour to recharge. So, here are the pictures and Dremel.

All other frets were cut with a file. Old plain file. Time consuming, but result is great. To install it, I add CA glue to the cleaned fret slots and than using my mini hammer I sit those in place. Then I just cut the excess of the fret wire.

To make ends of the frets flush with a fret board there is another tool. Some special file. Big one. Works like a charm.

And here it is. Fretboard needs to be cleaned and frets leveled and polished. Next time.

Binding Les Paul guitar body with the maple strips is not a good idea. It does not bend well. In the area of the horn, I have just glued small pieces together. It is visible, but will look better when finished with stain and oil. Also, gives hand made look.

I have also decided to shape horn little bit. First, I wanted to make a body flush with a neck, so, I have cut an excess. Then, I have used some rasp to shape it little bit. Will need some more hand sanding next time.

Next, it was a time to route some radius on the back of the body. Easy and here is the pic. Also, sanded everything with an orbital sander.

And here are the final pictures for today.

Next time I will install those (I hope).