Last weekend I was working on refining the neck again. Did not have much time, but still have a solid update to the process. First of all, I have finished fret markers on the fingerboard using the same technique as before, but this time with more pictures. Next, I have drilled the holes for the tuning machines and tried those just to see how it looks. After that, I have fine sanded to 220 grit the big surfaces using the random orbital sander (it is still required to do manual sanding for some areas). I have also had a chance to fix visible tear out on the fingerboard – looks great now. And finally, today, I have installed the side dot markers and installed the first fret.

To install the fretboard markers the most important thing to do is to draw a center line. The center line is an essential thing in the guitar building – you hear it here and there when reading forums or watching videos. Then, using a ruler, I measured the right position and drill the holes about 1/4 inches deep.

After that, I cut a brass tube into pieces – approximate size here, just making sure that it is proud. Put glue into the hole (very thin CA glue) and hammer the tube into the hole. Then, I sharpen the mahogany rod using a knife and a pencil sharpener; put glue into the brass tube and hammer the wood into the tube. To reduce time, I use CA glue accelerator, then cut the rod. When all inlays are done, I file it and sand to 100 grit.

Time to install the tuning machines. I drilled the holes and… installed it. Yeah, that sounds simple. Also, I have got truss rod cover – not sure if this is what will be on the final guitar, though.

One more thing to mention here are those imperfections I have mentioned in the previous post. Binding ones – the maple does not bend to those tiny radiuses. On the positive side, those will almost go away when headstock is finished – it will be darker.

The big picture for the inlays after the fine sanding and cleaning. Just because I like it.

Today, I have finally received 2mm plastic rod for the side dots inlays. Here are the pictures since I am not sure what to say about it. It is simple as usual – measure, drill, glue, cut, sand.

The last thing for today is to install single fret. Just to try the process. I have radiused those to 12 inches, cut to approximate length. Then cut the tung from both sides to overhang the fret over the binding. Added the CA glue to the fret slot and hammered the fret into the slot. Finally, cut it to the size and file a little bit.

There will be way more work for dressing the frets later. But for now, it is enough.