Last time I have finished with a gluing roughly shaped top to the body; and cutting out two necks from a laminated blank. This is a short update since most of the time I did a planing jig.

That jig is a funny story. I needed to plane the body to the thickness. But I do not have a thickness planer power tool. So, I have made a jig for the router. The idea is simple, you put your blank into the jig and use a router with a planing bit. The router travels on the rails above the blank. Pretty simple idea, but takes the time to implement.

That is how it looks with the body inside.

But there was again a slight problem. When I assembled everything and measured how low I should set the bit… Well, I realized, that the body blank is already at the final thickness. Time wasted for now, but I will use this jig later anyway.

To have at least some progress that day, I have decided to route control cavities on the back of the guitar. Started with a template. Then removed as much of the material as I could with a forstner bits and finally routed using the previously made templates.

The cavities will need one more routing pass to make a recess to fit covers. I am not making that recess now since I have not decided yet whether I want plastic or wooden covers.

By the way, on the last two images, you can see the cable channel on the bottom of the cavities. That is how it works.

Next time I will start doing a neck. Stay tuned.