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Guitar One - Part 11

This moment has came – this is the last post about this guitar. It is finished. I am completely satisfied how it turned out. During this build I have made some mistakes and I am not really fixing those. This guitar is not going to be my favorite one, but it is the one I have made myself. The first one.

I had an idea to not use pickup rings. But the problem is that in such case pickups need to be mounted slightly differently and that requires modification of the pickups. I am not sure that this guitar will be great in terms of playability, so, I want to have a way to mount those pickups on other guitar if needed.

As a result, I ended up using cream colored rings. After some shaping (body is carved), it fits well.

Shaped pickup rings

Next, while tape is still attached, it is time to do some fretwork. First I needed to level frets. So, let’s make some fret leveling beam. In other words, let’s glue sandpaper to the beam.

Using leveling beam, I have leveled frets. Now, when tops of the frets are flat, I needed to crown it (making round). There are some great files for this purpose, but those are pretty pricey. So, I have got some cheap things from eBay. Well, it works, but file would do better job.

The last step is to shape the ends of the frets and polish with a paste and Dremel, so, it shines again.

I have scraped some maple, so, it is more prominent on the back.

Scraping a binding

And this is how it looked at that moment (before finishing).

Intermediate shot

Finishing with a Gun stock oil. It is gorgeous and used to finish wooden gun stocks as well. I did not make a video, but the process of applying oil is the best part. Just believe me.

And while the first coat is drying (soaking in actually), I am adding some electric shielding.

After the first coat of oil dried, I sand it with steel wool and apply second coat. And when second coat dried, I used microcrystalline wax. It looks so great.

Tuners and truss rod cover time. I use locking open gear tuners.

Some strings to pre-test it.

Jack plate. That binding…

Jack plate

Installing the switch and closing the cover. Btw, I have pickups with tap wire. Plus I had 4 CTS push/pull pots (pot is rotary as usually, but also acts as a switch when you pull/push it). So, I will have some options – parallel and in series pickups; single coils vs. humbuckers; out of phase pickups. Wiring diagram is crazy – I have spent couple hours just soldering (below).

All that soldering…

And of course strap pins were installed the last.

Here is the guitar.

Ebony knobs will be replaced later

I will do another post with just the pictures.