Hi. My name is Alexey and I make things in my spare time. I have started this blog to keep notes on making my first guitar – the replica of Gibson Les Paul. I call it guitar One and in a case, you want to read about that, use appropriate category.

Guitar One was a great experience. I did not set a goal to make a great guitar I will play. Instead, I just wanted to gain some experience, so, next time I will know what to pay attention for. Because of that, I have decided to not fix some minor issues (tear outs from cheap router bit, slightly visible binding seams etc. I did not use expensive maple top since I was not sure about my skills in carving. Instead, I have got a really nice piece of walnut from Home Depot. It turned out to be very nice though.

This is not the last guitar (I hope) I have being making. Stay tuned. There will be Guitar Two soon.